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     Center For New Directions in Dances Of Universal PeaceSacred Circle                               Dance, Sufi Dance, & Devotional Singing, 
                   + Support for these Communities Locally/Globally

      Join our low volume email list for the West LA Community Dance & Activities Gatherings,  we often don't manage to post all dates on the site here!:

 For all dances, group singing, & resources in So Cal go here: 


   Share an afternoon of bliss & joy!  Check the calendar page, or join our list for details & because not all events are listed here!!!
 Our regular dance & community gathering is 2nd Saturdays in the daytime.

We have another community gathering sharing social, interactive activities which are positive parallel practices to the Dances Of Universal Peace & Sufi Dance on the 4th Saturday (daytime) each month --.  We only do one dance at these gatherings --woven between the other activities.

We also host a weekday gathering starting 4th Thursdays in June, 3:30pm


Practice Circles happen periodically: DESCRIPTION BELOW!


FREE Private Sessions to Learn
, see below.  

Musicians needed

New Dance Leaders always wanted read below!  

Dances Of Universal Peace PRACTICE CIRCLES (Days/Times Vary), sometimes OTHER ACTIVITIES after:  
Informal, Free, outdoors; sometimes as small as 3 to 8 people:   If you want to learn the dances,lead; or simply come dance, --you're welcome to join us!:  We're meeting & practicing w/small groups of individuals who, like many in this community, want to do the dances as a regular, inspiring, uplifting, spiritual community practice in our lives. More time for questions, & trying new things outSometimes this will be when we make appointments to practice the dances w/musicians who are trying accompanying the 1st time. On days we're not orienting a new musician we focus on different themes & intentions for our journey; or create new dances together.  How long we practice, depends on who shows up, so try to get there on time; as though I'm happy to practice an hour or more, I can't guarantee we'll be there longer than 40 minutes:  some of the time we'll post these on the site here, or on the list, --but don't always have enough notice, or time to post & just arrange via phone, around the schedules of the people who contact me via our list:  So if you'd like to attend today, or be part of practice circle's in the future join list & get Diana's phone#, & voicemail your phone#.


 Singing(or Chanting)-Walking(or Dancing)-Meditations: While singing for a few minutes with each person you pass as you walk or dance around in a circle,  --exchange symbolic gestures which celebrate the gift we each are, what is universal that connects us all, & our connection to everything!   Each ‘dance’ is from 1 of the wisdom traditions of the world, & shares a seed of wisdom about something universal like love, peace, leadership, inspiration, etc…There is no audience, this is not performance.  No experience is necessary. ~*Centered around the wisdom/practice of focusing on positive thoughts/intentions, sharing only positive energy & actions*~

All of our Dances are NEW DIRECTIONS
  Dances:  Nexus Gatherings for co-creating & circulating new positive vision memes for our communities & for human beings.  They include new dances, + new *kinds* of dances WRP Diana has created, cocreated & cocreates with others in our circles,  + more created by others in the community, +offers new kinds of employment

How to create a dance: ).

PRIVATE SESSIONS: You can make a private appointment to learn after any gathering above & sometimes they're available beforehand or on days we don't have gatherings:  Appts. require a $20 deposit (returned when you arrive or if you cancel by 24 hrs before)  --so no teacher is waiting around for 'no-shows':  If you fail to show or cancel in less than 24hrs your deposit will be unrefundable & contributed to our ongoing fundraiser.***  To make an appointment:   Email our list above, & request the time you'd like (ideally give at least a 1st & 2nd choice), & provide your phone# & 1st name; then after your time is confirmed  make your deposit within 12 hours on paypal here: 

    Unless dance leaders are mentored or certified in Dances Of Universal Peace, dances they lead, though extremely similar, are not called Dances Of Universal Peace but instead 'Sufi Dance', or 'Sacred Circle Dance':  If you'd like to be mentored there is no fee getting guidance/teaching on how to be a dance leader.  

    The focus of this center is to bring the whole community rich, innovative, new directions for the dances; + resources,
 & a greater diversity of traditions: incorporating journeys that appeal to each new generation to keep this tradition always alive, deeply connected to its community, & evolving with it.  To honor everyone who has made, & makes the decision to step up & offer positive leadership for their community; & to offer this practice as a powerful tool for co-creating the world from our fantasies :)   


BELOW are DESCRIPTIONS of UPCOMING, PERIODIC, & PAST Dances,Workshops & Related or Collaborating Community Gatherings.  Some restart periodically when there are responses of people interested in attending, leading dances, playing instruments, volunteering, &/or contributing to fundraiser:   Some have not yet started, Contact us :)

A).  Main New Directions Dance Description:

Opening Positive Affirmative Activites like:  Group THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Circles
:   1st hour of gathering we separate into groups of 5: 1 person lies down & receives massage from others (fully clothed); then each person takes their turn. Includes a demonstration of some 
new directions for massage therapy & some simple easy ways to do therapeutic massage for beginners.  
This series especially encourages new & old participants to create new dances incorporating their traditions, to enrich our community with diverse & ever evolving perspectives of what brings us to “mind-body-spirit epiphany:”  Dances lead by different leaders (contact me if you’d like to be scheduled to lead dances
 or drop-in & lead.  Participants-new leaders are welcome to lead!  More about leading, creating dances, be scheduled as our Melody Musician or Drummer, on our Inspiring Occupations page. 
( This Dance has taken place MIDWEEK, DAYLIGHT HOURS, as well as SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS:  We've been connecting a large diverse community of non-9-to-5 people with lives shaped by their own rhythms/dreams, -- hoping this will inspire others to shape their lives with their dreams.  Come share your ideas & let's co-create all sorts of delight in this community & others,  now & in the future!
Bringing a refreshment to share, &/or flowers or other colorful decoration for center of the circle, --is always great!  If u know how to play an instrument please feel free to sit in a dance or two with the other musicians.  

Please share this with your friends, loved ones who enjoy participating in dances & therapeutic massage circles.  

B).  Mini Workshops synergizing with the LA Kundalini Yoga Community Gathering:  We teach/leading a dance, then brainstorming creating more Kundalini Yoga Themed Dances.

C). New gathering we host periodiclally:  BELLY DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE!: There are Dances of Universal Peace that use entirely Belly Dance Movements & Music; we'll be doing them in an uplifting supportive circle which includes a short Beginning Belly Dance Lesson-- followed by a separate gathering afterwards with:

a Social Belly Dance Jam &  'Interactive' Belly Dance Open Mike.  All outdoors:  details & address posted here, we may host another sooner if a lot of RSVPs:  though the 'practice' of Dances Of Universal Peace is *not* performance, --sharing the dances in a public place where people are walking by & gathered --where new people can be exposed to it, watch & possibly be inspired & feel welcome to come join in; i.e. "with the intention is to draw people into the practice of dancing together in love, harmony and beauty", -- is part of goal & journey of this community.  Thus the 1st circle, where we're internal journeying & connecting w/each other, is one way of offering this; & then the 2nd 'open-mike' alternating w/everyone getting up & dancing... where passers by who may be shy at 1st to participate, can feel welcome to come sit or stand & watch, then possibly join in during the open mike or when we jam, --are examples of how we can share this w/the community*:) happy

Intro & Journey Into The Dances Of Universal Peace w/other Positive Affirmative, Interactive, CoCreative Activities. 

D).  CELEBRATE OUR TEACHERS PAST & *PRESENT* !      Dances Of Universal Peace/ Sacred Circle Dance/ Sufi Dance + Honoring Activities:  New Directions/Jobs/Resources/etc for this community!
  Below is general description of this dance series:  main dance focuses on honoring many teachers at 1 dance gathering, but also to host memorial dances for leaders in our community!:

Quarterly, Afternoon:  Sat or Sun (twice yearly) *AND* Weekday (twice yearly) Includes:

     a). Leaders lead both a dance & meditation which honor some human being(s) who was their teacher.

     b).  Community Sharing circle celebrating/remembering their teachers, their teachers gifts, experiences…;

     c).  Paper hung in where teachers names ( contact info if living) are written; underneath community writes/draws celebratory things about/to them, continuously connecting the community to the celebration of this teacher (will be hung round the walls at every dance; teacher can photograph or chose to take original home).


 Sat or Sun AfternoonWEST LA.  Annually to start, happy to make this Quarterly if there's enough response 
     So many people have expressed to me a need for this, so now we'll make it a tradition!  

     a]. Workshop:  Community creation of dances to his remaining songs that are not yet dances;

     b].  All dances lead will be Robert Frey dances, + hopefully inspire new leaders to be able to lead all his dances, or be inspired to create new songs/dances which emulate his style & vision.

     c]. Community Sharing Circle celebrating/remembering him, his gifts, experiences…

     Each dance lead by a different leader (Contact is if you’d like to be scheduled to lead dances.  You can also simply drop in & put your name on sign-up sheet to lead.  Participants/students or new leaders are welcome to sign up to lead!                   
   Offering a short meditation &/or bringing: Things which hold memories or celebrations of Robert for the memorial tables, flowers or other colorful decoration for these or the center of the circle, a refreshment to share, --is always appreciated!  If u know how to play an instrument please feel free to sit in a dance or two with the other musicians.  


Focuses around the birthright & potential of human beings to spend every moment, every breath in “mind body spirit ephiphany”, & not dispense with this in everyday life in our work, learning, or exercise to be healthy/fit.  Especially celebrating the sacredness of caring fully for our body’s health/ its natural right to be fully fit all our lives.   While these dances keep the tradition of not really needing to learn or think about technique, they offer very simple sacred/creative movements/gestures at an energetic pace, which challenge & expand muscle strength, aerobic capacity & flexibility, --all adaptable to your current fitness level, & woven with the earths holistic wisdom practices(accupressure, chakras, etc); set to refreshing, enlivening, energizing, inspiring songs/instrumentation to boost & empower us to dance & manifest our full mind body spirit potential. 

G).   WOMEN-ONLY DANCE!  Dances Of Universal Peace, Sacred Circle Dance, Sufi Dance, Devotional Singing: A *Women*-focused, more ritual focused, multi-disiplinary, multi-supportive, community gathering celebrating women; with New Directions, Jobs, Resources, etc... for the community!  Community Gathering & occasionally Workshops:  Every other month on a Sat or Sun afternoon:  Celebrating women, centered around women & goddess focused themes/experiences, dances, activities, some short meditations between; will especially include the new dances, + new *kinds* of dances WRP Diana has created & is co-creating with others in the community.


FAMILY Dances Of Universal PeaceSufi Dance/     Devotional Singing Gathering with Activities, New Directions, Jobs & Resources for the community!

     QuarterlyAfternoon:  Sat or Sun( twice yearly) *AND* Weekdays( twice yearly)  Includes:  

           (A).  Making the dances both more engaging kids + equally engaging for adults attending by:
           1).  Not dumbing things down for kids –instead choosing: 
                         a).  songs w/catchy melodies & easy words,
                         b).  more playful / game-like/ energetic dances; 

                    2).  choosing dances with moves where tall people don't have to constantly bend their back/knees to reach short people; 

            (B).  Especially includes some of the new dances, new *kinds* of dances WRP Diana has created & others in the community are now creating or cocreatign with her:  including the new `Dances for Active People'

            (C).  Offers workable `menus' of dances/activities for teachers. 

            (E).  Meeting OUTDOORS whenever possible--
            (F).  --sometimes in Public Nature Areas & Parks, --to invite the public to participate & experience this peace, joy, & unity as an INSPIRATIONAL kind of '

Local & Global Dances Of Universal Peace, Sufi Dance, Sacred Circle Dance, Devotional Singing FLASH MOB NETWORK!

     NEXT IS OCT. 7, 1PM TO 3PM!
So that  'location' remains a surprise to public til the dancers ~appear~:  local addresses of locations for meeting will be posted at
 --if out of So Cal,national/global organizers contact info or site
 will be posted.  

      Contact WRP Diana to post your Flash Mob, get the word out, & invite dancers in your community to join you; of if you'd like to take part in ones she's organizing!  These are a great gift of celebration, wisdom, & bliss to our communities!:


Recent Flashmob: Phoenix Area Dances of Universal Peace - Apr 16, 2012:

" The dancers for our first flashmob were wonderful! The crowd was much smaller than at previous festivals in this space, but we succeeded in attracting a dancer to participate and we shared fliers with some folks who inquired afterwards. One person asked, "Was that Sufi Dancing that you were doing?"

Murshid SAM had indicated that dancing as "performance" is not outside of the scope of this work, when the intention is to draw people into the practice of dancing together in love, harmony and beauty. These days, a "flashmob" is one way to do that.

The challenge of doing a flashmob with DUP is to emerge from a crowd in a space where lots of people are gathered, where there is no other music, and in a manner present and loud enough - with only acoustic instruments and voices - to magnetize attention to the circle of dancers, and then to encourage new people to join in. It almost requires some magic, the perfect chemistry of the moment.

The minor variations seen in this version of Mir Miru Mir were done to help accommodate folks that might join in from the crowd.

We had a wonderful time in accomplishing what we set out to do: surprising onlookers with an act of beauty; inspiring onlookers to join in; inspiring interest in and awareness of the DUP; and, sharing powerful dances, for the sake of dancing, in a beautiful setting. 

Learning that a Dance circle can "spontaneously" arise from a crowd with skill and ease was a sublime delight. Thanks, beloved dancers! "Shivadam Parvati

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