The WHIMSYUM  Future Studies Institute
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New community programs are running, more starting soon!  Calendar of the events we host: 

All activities & resources are sent to our low-volume email list (not everything makes it to our site here!), 

      Some pages are up, some are not; or unfinished:   Periodically check Calendarhome page buttons for What's New!:  

Our focus is in-person activities & projects, not internet presence; but soon we'll be updating pages with all we're doing & planning, & making it more user friendly, + include an unusual new

local & global online network we've created..

  Out  B E Y O N D  Conventional Ideas of Life                   

                 There is a Hidden Landscape All Around You...

                                   SEEK WHAT MOVES YOU

                            & Find Others to MEET YOU THERE!

Science Fiction / Fantasy applied to everyday life in a new kind of community arena:  Open to anyone & everyone who is inspired  --where we create new, sustainable, extremely imaginative activities, occupations, resources, city planning, ways of living, etc…  to use our human potential & birthright of living every moment on the edge of wonder.

                                                    …The REST Of The STORY:

                      ~ WHY close your book & END YOUR STORIES

                   with ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’?...  Why do books end there?...

            Ever WONDERED what happens in THAT PART OF THE STORY? 

                                                        TAKE PART IN IT!

     ~Don`t live your Life experiencing Only a Part of Who You Are & what life offers:

                      Your Whimsies are Your Treasure Map.

                    Live like a PIRATE -- Revel in Your Passions

               & Recognize their Power to Create & Recreate the World!~

  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  --Margaret Mead

     Join us in exploring, engaging, celebrating, LIVING--humans’/earth's

/the universes’ potentials,  + the mysteries between & BEYOND…,  *NOW* in an arena which operates in the new frontiers space that exists beyond *unperceived* barriers:  

     The WHIMSYUM has created 'MEMEstitutes' where people from diverse backgrounds brainstorm & collaborate to identify, then dispense with, unseen barriers in everyday life which suppress natural potential (e.g. not being aware of how our daily habits, or our perceptions &/or acceptance of how to run & structure a city, --affect us).  Then,
the MEMEstitues offer new directions thru creating not just new, but new KINDS, --of free & by-donation
community activities,  resources, occupations, environments, projects, curriculum, contexts & patterns for living
…at our New Directions Centers.  Interested in participating?:  Click here to read more...

Share who you are & the unique untapped gifts that every individual brings, in an awesome exhilarating experience of life in this reciprocative community of spiritual & imaginative activism; for people who think outside the box who want to challenge, expand, enrich their & their community's experience & potential

We’re a free-spirited, extremely imaginative, multi-discipli

nary, multigenerational, interactive, undauntibly upbeat, friendly philanthropic network of individuals from all walks of life who are putting their dreams in motion, or are living the life of their dreams -- supporting each other to make this happen:  The WHIMSYUM is filled with people who are not just talking about, or planning, to redesign the world to reflect their fantasies—but many have been living with quite different structures, resources, communities, lifestyles, etc… for years:  We stand behind the knowledge that Everyone has a unique gift they can enjoy contributing to the world, without struggling or martyrdom; & that Everyone on this planet deserves to experience a life filled with magic, comfort, & delight;  spending every moment in mind-body-spirit epiphany:  Created when people actually live utilizing their potentials, --& using the continuously evolving knowledge & wisdom we've been gathering for centuries.
                                                  New primary colors…

 The WHIMSYUM is centered around the practice & wisdom offocusing on 
positive thoughts & intentions, sharing positive energy & actions. *~

   We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any background no matter their:  style choices, lifestyle, shape, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, state of fitness, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc...

Content copyright The WHIMSYUM & WRP Diana 1984, 1991, 1998,  2014.  All rights reserved.


                            ACTIVITIES CALENDAR

      *** Join our low volume email list ASAP! ***

OUR SITE WILL BE GOING DOWN for as much as 3 or 4 MONTHS while we update & create some new resources for the community, + not all events are posted on the site here!: 

      HOME PAGE:      

NEXT DROP-IN GATHERINGS!:   Sun. Apr. 30, 12:00pm Sun. Apr. 30, 2:30pm Sun. Apr. 30, 4:00pm

Ongoing SERIES (not drop-in):  

1st Saturdays,  11:30 am 

2nd Saturdays,   1:00 pm

4th Sundays,   11:30am to 4:30pm

                 SCROLL DOWN for  DESCRIPTIONS:

   (We have free drop-in gatherings monthly in West LA, sometimes on a Weekday before five o'clock, sometimes on Saturdays & Sundays.   We also host group series to which you need to pre-register tp attend; join list for details!                  

               ~                    ~                       ~                          ~               

Some Gathering Descriptions! Different Locations!: SCROLL DOWN For Descriptions for each: Walk/Discuss Upbeat Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books/Movies/TV! GAMES PARTY! Designer/Euro Board/Card Party Games,Surrealist Party Games & WHIMSYUM Party Games! Party Activity/ Recreation of The Future: New Directions in Massage Therapy If there are a lot of white spaces between info below -- just keep scrolling down, website system is being updated & causing blips!!!!!!!!!!!: ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~
  Walk/Discuss Infinite Positive Possibilities in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books/Movies/TV! Meet & introduce ourselves , 15 min later: ***leave promptly; don’t be late or you’ll miss us!***
Upbeat Sci-Fi/Fantasy Tribe!:
Tired of cynical, dystopian fiction -- wars, apocalypses, bad attitudes & everyone against the witch...?:         Many of us read/watch Sci-Fi/Fantasy regularly like a meditation; filling our lives w/positive & perception-expanding ideas of community & the future, shared there: Take it 1 step farther & have that kind of community regularly! 
Meet people in this awesome community who celebrate/share your values/interests:  Share your fav stories w/a positive tone a happy ending!  Imaginative, inspiring, sustainable ideas of future worlds/cities/human-lifestyles; w/resourceful characters who think outside-the-box, work together in interesting ways, & have successful relationships.
GAMES PARTY! Designer/Euro Board/Card Party Games, Surrealist Party Games & WHIMSYUM Party Games!
Join us for games & other scintillating party activities & surprises! 
BRING EITHER: Your fav game, dish to share, nifty toy/gadget or enigmatic-object to pass around for thrills, a fav party activity to lead, or $15 to help chip in for the space. 
There will be Euro/designer board/card games, Surrealist games, WHIMSYUM games,
etc…  + we’ll play the Cards Against WHOmanity we created for the Gallifrey One Lunch
--& anyone’s welcome to create new cards to add to it!
This party is ~*Substance Free*~ 
GROUP MASSAGE Exchange Community Gathering: Generally 2 hour duration 4 People Massage 1 Person, Fully Clothed, Outdoors, FREE!
Be on time or you may only get to give & not receive! 
Join us for this G-rated, fully clothed, great social party activity & recreation of the Future:  No experience necessary; includes an awesome new ‘framework’ for therapeutic massage from The WHIMSYUM Future Studies Institute, created especially for this interactive activity.  Too many social recreations in our urban culture are sedentary; though you don’t need to expend much energy to participate, this activity is good moderate exercise
In groups of 5, 1 person lies down on a massage table, & 4 people simultaneously massage them for 20min; then they get up & give, while next person lies down & receives. No experience necessary, easy 15 min lesson as we begin: Only the areas of the body massaged in professional therapeutic massage practices, are massaged  (you can choose to have us skip areas).  You must be comfortable giving & receiving from both men/women, + give as much as you receive:
 Join this wonderful community for a blissful, SO FUN interactive gathering in the beautiful outdoors w/warm loving people, great exchanges of energy, heartfelt connections, fascinating conversation, combined w/nurturing physical release & occasional bursts of glee & laughter w/gentle breezes caressing us in a sweet circle of trees!    When 4 people massage 1 person, the person pretty much melts no matter how shy or tense they are: You don’t have to put as much energy into it, or worry what you’re doing is good enough, as getting massage from 4 people is an amazing unforgettable experience way way transcending massage from 1 person. Folks feel free to relax, talk, laugh, breathe, listen to conversation around them, the breezes in the leaves, or look up into the sky.
Yoga mat, blanket, or beach towel.
 Extra Massage Tables always great, but not necessary. 
No donations requested at this gathering, but if you're always welcome to thank us & support the gatherings by contributing to our ongoing fundraiser here 
so which keeps the gatherings free, & is raising funds for a regular space so gatherings don't have to be cancelled when it rains; + for equipment & other fees we have to pay to host the gatherings.
Diana (310)936-3150 phone doesn’t accept txt msgs, but fine to leave voicemail24hrs I won't check internet after 6pm day before. Phone will be on 15m in before, & into gathering.
Join our list, everything is posted on our list, & some events don't get posted on the site at all!              ~                    ~                       ~                          ~       

Community Series, COED, ONGOING, 1st Saturdays, 11:30 am:

INTERACTIVE  Exhilarating Chakra Breathwork w/Movement, Chant & Therapeutic Touch; 
  + Interactive Sound Healing Activities w
/Tibetan Singing  Bowls/Bells & Medicine Drums! Done in Pairs & Small Groups in supportive, physically connected postures, OUTDOORS!

Reserve your space by pre-registering for 4 gatherings at a time, 4 months in a row

(not a drop-in event)    


Ongoing gathering for people who enjoy coming regularly to celebrate & support each other        For all levels of flexibliity & fitness; description at link above.


        ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~             

  Ongoing Series: 4th SUNDAYS, 11:30am to 4:30pm:

     AFFIRMassage!   Community Series:  6 Playshops, COED 

     In groups of 5 (taught in several different ways):  1 person lies down (fully clothed) on a massage table, requests support for what they most need & want in their life, --then 4 people shower them simultaneously w/therapeutic Massage (including new WHIMSYUM techniques) *and* shower them w/ Positive Affirmations, Healing Sound, new creative therapeutic & playful metaphysical practices, & LOVE --which celebrate them & support the manifestation of their request. Then they get up & give while the next person in their group of 5 lies down & receives.  Taught simply & easily, no experience necessary!   Creates bursts of celebration within & deeply releases patterns from mind, body & spirit!:  

    6 gatherings (6 Months) in a row:  


                  ~                 ~                                           ~                                 ~                                   

Ongoing Series:

4th Sundays, 11:30 am to 4:30pm 


    CoCreate Rituals & Traditions to Celebrate & Support Each Other's Journey!

     Community Series:  6 Playshops, COED

    6 gatherings (6 Months) in a row:

 You must be pre-registered for the AFFIRMassage Community Playshop Series
to Register for this Positive Magick Circle playshop series! 


        ~                 ~                    ~                       ~                          ~                      ~             

Ongoing Series:

Pre-registration required

Part 1 :  1st Sundays, 1:00 pm .

                                         plus --

2nd Wednesdays 12:00pm

~* LA OUTSIDE-the-BOX WIZARDESSES ! *~  Outrageously Women-Centered, Body-Celebrating, LOVE-filled, Exultant Ex Positive MAGICK CIRCLES !  Celebrate & Support Each Other Thru CoCreated Ritual & Traditions!

Description & Registration info posted here:

4 & 6 Circle Series ( once  a month)  over 4 or 6 Months: 

        Pre-requisite for attending Magick Part 2: Either joining COED group in Feb;   ~OR~ WOMEN-Only Part 2 ( after above series)

             ~                    ~                       ~                          ~             

Starts on a Sat. or Sun soon!: UPBEAT SCI-FI/FANTASY / Future Studies Community Series!
Participants commit to attend once monthly for 6 months. Limited to 20 people. ***To attend --you must have first attended our drop-in gatherings, or one of our series.***
4 hours will be part of the commitment, preceded by an optional additional 1 hour gathering: More info posted soon!

               ~                    ~                       ~                          ~             

     WRP Diana is the founder & director of which brings positive new directions to communities locally & globally creating new kinds of activities/occupations/resources, & offering them thru the above free & by donation community gatherings!

         ~*Thank your community for by telling folks about this & inviting your friends!*~

Extra DESCRIPTIONS of GATHERINGS (we have many more than are listed below):   Upbeat Sci-Fi-Fantasy Tribe! FREE, no donations requested.
Stroll/Discuss Ideas/
Enigmas Explored i
n Star Trek+ recommend Star Trek inspired or other Upbeat Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books/Movies/TV related to our conversation:

Many of us continue to watch shows like Star Trek Next Generation regularly, almost like a meditation or
spiritual practice; filling our lives w/positive & perception-expanding ideas of community & the future, shared
there: Take it 1 step farther & have that kind of community regularly by meeting people who celebrate/share
your values/interests!

MENU:  12:00 pm: 

Gather at cafe & talk a bit while people are arriving; those who work at 1pm catch a quick lunch. ***not a problem to management if people don’t buy anything; they love us, we meet here all the time.*** (Indian
food but they do have a handful of normal/bland menu options...);

12:30 pm:  (we’ll leave on the dot! ...Though if rain, we'll stay at cafe; see below!) Stroll & explore themes, ideas &

enigmas from Star Trek; + recommend Star Trek inspired or other upbeat Sci-Fi/Fantasy books/movies/TV
related to our conversation (...New Outer Limits, Vorkosigan Saga, X-men, Lindskold...?):  Stretch your minds, get a bit of exercise, build fun friendships in this awesome community! 

Swing by cafe for people who need to rush to work; then walk approx 45min more; Afterwards go back to cafe

& share more over late lunch, coffee, or dessert: *** time/duration of last part is tentative, so people don’t
expect to drop-in & find us there; we could still be walking... or not have stayed long after.***

***If raining, we’d stay at the café we meet at instead of walking! If it rains, I have a fun & thought-provoking

activity I can share in which we can still get some exercise w/a bit of laughter & moving around etc).***


This will have a decent turnout: I post it to frien
ds related groups & often have 20 people show up for things
posted on weekdays before 5pm.

Diana (310) 936-3150 phone doesn’t accept txt msgs, but fine to leave voicemail 24hrs  I won't check internet

after 6pm the day before.  Phone will be on from 11:45am to 12:30pm day of gathering

             ~                    ~                       ~                          ~             

Outside The Box Romantics Tribe! Share About Your Favorite Upbeat Romantic Fiction (Books, Movies, TV) w/Substance

then 4:00pm Community Salsa Dance scroll down for different address/ description (IF RAIN, we'll instead host a COED, Social Belly Dance Lesson at Santa Monica Indoor Food Court, see below)
Our last gathering like this was awesome, let's do it again!
Celebrat& truly ~*LIVE*~  
your own unique life story/path --free of peer pressure or society expectations: *Choose* a positive life, & 'Happy Ending'! What we read/watch affects how we think, how we interact w/life, what we bring into our life, & how we shape the world:

Tired of romantic movies/books/TV series where everyone looks like a model, strives to be cool, & love-making scenes seem copied from playboy rather than expressing the truly attractive & deeply moving romantic, magical diversity of human beings?! Share about your favorite imaginative, inspiring Romantic fiction, sci-fi, or fantasy books, movies, &/or TV series w/happy endings &, ideally, which don’t focus on mainstream thinking/living. 
 Enjoy meaningful, thought-provoking, open-hearted, & sometimes deeply humorous conversation w/this community of peers! Although you're welcome to share mainstream stories if they have substance/ inspiring messages, -- it's challenging to find stories which aren’t the same ole thing & push the envelope, opening up our perspectives; & a great opportunity to have a community of friends who can recommendation more alternative/ outside the box stories -- so we'll focus more on this! Here are some examples, or food for thought: 
Couples that share creative & ‘thinking’ activities together ...especially romantic ones (romance beyond flowers & candlelit dinners)! Time-Travel Romances, Historical Romances that transcend the rules of society of that time(& ideally even transcend today's rules), Alien Romances, etc... Couples w/muscular empowered women & men that want them to stay that way (… not become insecure when they get romantic). How about a story w/a sensitive male belly dancer? Stories about African-Americans, mixed, or GLBT couples that are joyous adventures rather than struggles w/prejudice/abuse. Whimsical Romances like the movie Amelie, etc…

We'll go around the circle, share about our fav piece --giving just enough info for people to know whether it'll interest them, but not enough to give the story away. ***After 10 things have been recommended we'll let loose & have some amazing unstructured group discussion! Then we'll recommend more pieces; ..& have more discussion! The last 15 min. we'll mill around & chat.  Look forward to sharing & hearing about some great stories! 
FREE, no donations requested.


1). Parking: 1st 90 min free at the mall ( next hour is around $1.25 or 1.95)

Outdoors if No Rain, Indoors If Rain/Cool:
If no rain: We'll be at far end of the upper level of tables by the 'Food Court' (West end of the 3rd (Top) floor of the Santa Monica Place Mall: 395 Broadway St
). I'll have a red silk bandanna tied to the back of my chair. 
If rain we'll be in the indoor Food Court area.
No need to purchase anything; this is just a lounging area at the mall; but there are several food sellers right there if you want anything. ~*<>*~*<>*~*~<>*~<>*~<>*~*~<>*~<>*~<>*~<>*~<>*~   3:15 pm to 3:30pm   COED Beg. Belly Dance Lesson w/Diana 4:00 pm Outdoor Community Salsa Dance & Gathering all styles/ages! Dance actually goes from 4pm til 9 pm if no rain.
LOCATION: ***Food Court for the lessons there; then we'll walk 2 blocks to the below dance:
3:15pm: super-easy COED Beg. Social Belly Dance lesson w/Diana: Be on time if you want to participate, this lesson only goes to 3:45pm. 4:00pm: there's a large free, drop-in, outdoor community dance; all styles & ages, & kinds of music, join us! Diana'll be there for at least 90min of the dancing, but may leave after that. The dance itself goes til about 9 pm. 3rd St. Promenade BTW ARIZONA & WILSHIRE Blvd; behind DJ/dance 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica PARKING: (It's sunday so if you can find street parking it's free): 4 Public lots: 2 on 2nd St., + 2 on 4th St, north & south of Arizona: 1st 90 min free, first hr after that $1.25.

Rendez-vous for some sexy Salsa Dancing (+other styles or freeform) at this great event! "...Salsa Familia is the largest Community Salsa Dance in the world: Join us for the fun, beauty & excitement of dancing on the community mall! They model themselves after the street salsa gatherings you would find in places like Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York. Not only are there Salseras & Salseros, but entire families, friends & others who are interested in music, dance that gather to listen, spectate and talk. This is the 14th year on the 3rd Street Promenade..."

"In addition to Salsa there are Tango and Swing community dance gatherings on the 3rd Street Promenade, that you're also invited to stroll over to & dance with. The 3rd Street Promenade has restaurants, theaters and street entertainment. "

They do Salsa, Merengue, Machata, Bolero, Cha-Cha-Cha, & several other Latin dances; + several people do free-form, improvise, do swing, etc... 


Social Dance is an incredibly liberating, exhilarating, super fun, & romantic experience that will literally change your life, & connect you to whole new communities of peers/friends:   I encourage you to take the leap & try it!  It's a lot easier to meet people & learn dance w/an accepting group of people, & at this dance that is more informal than other dances & class environments.

fine to leave voicemail 24hrs. I won't be reachable after 6pm the day before, but will be reachable by phone 2pm to 2:15pm



     Description of The WHIMSYUM Memestitutes is being updated; check back!

      The CHUTZPAHtute!
The WHIMSYUM Memestitute for creating programs to circulate reverberations of ~*CHUTZPAH*~ Everywhere, Locally & Globally!!!:) :) :)

Time to disperse everything but magick & delight from your life/communities, & transform the world w/~*Chutzpah!*~  Co-create & LIVE boldly inspiring new rituals & traditions!  

The ‘women’s’ movement & ‘spirituality’ movement created big shifts for humanity; especially for women:  But it’s time for another BIG SHIFT!   All human beings of all ages need to be educated & encouraged to globally embrace & exuberantly, positively, live their ~*CHUZTPAH!*~

    What is Chutzpah???!!!

CHUTZPAH IS OUTRAGEOUS!   It is the LAUGH that explodes inside you, ignites your whole spirit…even if you don’t make a sound.  It’s about NOT HOLDING BACK. The joyous uncontrollable urge to LIVE.  BE.  Use your brilliance!  Having the mettle & audacity to be not just different, but wholly unexpected:  To joyfully leap OUTRAGEOUSLY, & often  hilariously,  beyond convention!

But it’s much more than that…

Chutzpah is the spark that ignites our genius. …To take the 1st step, to transcend obstacles, dissolve barriers, to fly, to open the heart:  It’s the key to zest for life.  It’s naturally in every child…; when not squished out Chutzpah built the 1st hand-glider, plane, spaceship...  Chutzpah is what’s around the corner when you think all is lost.  Sometimes people are afraid of Chutzpah, afraid they’ll go too far; because we’re raised & surrounded by a culture that does not train us w/the wisdom & power to use it.  

Liberating chutzpah enables each individual to simply take the steps needed to nourish their world, each time they see them, -- rather than passively, waiting for politicians to do so; or wasting time w/games & mainstream thinking:  People often identify Chutzpah w/those who stand out, ignite movements/fads/shifts of thinking & change the world;  & yet it’s in every human being:  Chutzpah is a key part of the most magickal & empowered part of human potential & leadership.  So long as we identify it in only some people, we hold back the human race from evolving & reaching it’s truly magickal potentials; not just in healing politics & creating a sustainable world, but in manifesting our greatest art & invention.  

Be accountable, cultivate your Chutzpah.  Be a spice & color that’s impossible to miss or ignore.  Follow your sacred whimsical urges.  And in doing so activate that wild beauty in everyone who crosses your path, & across the world. Just by daring to BE, extremely, specifically, off the charts,  *YOU.*



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