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          New community philanthropic programs are running & more are are starting soon:  Some pages are up, some are not, or are unfinished;  check New Directions Centers page periodically!  

                     Out   B E Y O N D   Conventional Ideas of Life –                           

                      There is a Hidden Landscape All Around You...

                                   SEEK WHAT MOVES YOU

                            & Find Others to MEET YOU THERE!

Science Fiction / Fantasy applied to everyday life in a new kind of community arena:  Open to *anyone & everyone who is inspired*  --where we create new, sustainable, extremely imaginative, kinds of activities, occupations, resources, city planning, ways of living, etc…  to use our human potential & birthright of living every moment on the edge of wonder.

                                                    …The REST Of The STORY:

                                  ~ WHY close your book & END YOUR STORIES

                    with ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’?...  Why do books end there?...

              Ever WONDERED what happens in THAT PART OF THE STORY? 

                                                        TAKE PART IN IT!

     ~Don`t live your Life experiencing Only a Part of what life offers, & Who You Are

                              Your Whimsies are Your Treasure Map.

                           Live like a PIRATE -- Revel in Your Passions

                   & Recognize their Power to Create & Recreate the World.~

     Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  --Margaret Mead

Join us in exploring, engaging, celebrating, LIVING--humans’/earth's/the universes’ potentials,  + the mysteries between & BEYOND…,  *Right Now*

in an arena which operates in the new frontiers space that exists *beyond* *unperceived* barriers:  People from diverse backgrounds brainstorm & collaborate in The WHIMSYUM's 'MEMEstitutes' --which 1st identify, then dispense with unseen barriers in everyday life that suppress natural potential (for example--not being aware of how our daily habits, or our perceptions &/or acceptance of how to run & structure a city, --affect us); --& then the MEMEstitues offer new directions: Thru not just new, but new KINDS of resources, activities,  occupations, environments, projects, curriculums, contexts & patterns for living… (--check back periodically for what new is being offered!).

Share who you are & the unique untapped gifts that every individual brings, in an awesome exhilarating experience of life in this reciprocative community of spiritual & imaginative activism; for people who think outside the box who want to challenge, expand, enrich their & their community's experience & potential: 

We’re a free-spirited, extremely imaginative, multi-disciplinary, multigenerational, interactive, undauntably upbeat, friendly philanthropic network of individuals from all walks of life who are putting their dreams in motion, or are living the life of their dreams -- supporting each other to make this happen:  The WHIMSYUM is filled with people who are not just talking about, or planning, to redesign the world to reflect their fantasies—but many have been living with quite different structures, resources, communities, lifestyles, etc… for years:  We stand behind the knowledge that Everyone has a unique gift they can contribute to the world, without struggling or martyrdom; & that Everyone on this planet deserves to experience a life filled with magic, comfort, & delight;  spending every moment in mind-body-spirit epiphany:  Created when people actually live utilizing their potentials, --& using the continuously evolving knowledge & wisdom we've been gathering for centuries.
                                           New primary colors…

 The WHIMSYUM is centered around the practice & wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts & intentions, sharing positive energy & actions. *~

  We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any    background no matter their:  style choices, lifestyle, shape, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, state of fitness, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc...

Content copyright  WRP Diana & The WHIMSYUM 1984, 1991, 1998,  2014.  All rights reserved.


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